Emily is a licensed physical therapist and has been practicing since 1995. Throughout the course of her career she has broadened her treatment scope to include dry needling, Graston technique, cupping, Pilates and yoga postures.

Having suffered from chronic right sided neck, shoulder, back and hip pain for many years due to a childhood diving accident, Emily understands pain and how difficult it can be to find longlasting relief. Unable to get long term relief using a traditional exercise program that included weight training and stretches, Emily began to experiment with Pilates and yoga, eventually blending the two to maximize the flexibility, strength and core awareness needed to maintain good alignment and posture for long term relief of symptoms. She then experienced even better results once she added dry needling, Graston technique and cupping. By walking the talk she has managed to transform her own body and free herself from chronic, nagging aches and pains. Her mission is to empower others to free themselves of pain.

What My Patients Say:

Emily! I feel amazing! I’m really excited to keep working with you. Thank you again!

– Client, June 2019

Her practice focuses on treating people of all ages who are experiencing chronic/acute joint and muscle pain, tightness and loss of movement due to underlying trigger points and myofascial restrictions. This could include diagnoses such as arthritis, tendonitis, sprains/strains, degenerative joint changes, frozen shoulder, pinched nerve and sciatica.

By utilizing a hands-on approach including manual therapy, dry needling, cupping and Graston technique, she is able to identify the source of pain (often trigger points and myofascial restrictions), treat it and then work with the individual to develop a home exercise program using Pilates/yoga exercises to meet their needs and empower them with lifelong tools to manage their own symptoms, maintain freedom of motion and strength, and help prevent future injuries.

Studio e offers physical therapy within the walls of a beautifully decorated studio space in the heart of Paducah’s Lower Town Arts District. This welcoming, serene treatment center fosters a healing environment unique among the many clinics of mainstream America.

Studio e

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