emily young
Emily Young, Physical Therapist

Ms. Emily Young, a licensed physical therapist, is owner and operator of studio e. She has been practicing as a physical therapist for 13 years. Throughout the course of her career she has broadened her scope of treatment by earning special training in lymphedema, manual therapy, Pilates and yoga. She has treated patients with lymphedema; chronic/acute back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain; sacroiliac joint dysfunction; mild incontinence, fibromyalgia; osteoporosis and arthritis. By utilizing a hands-on approach, including various manual techniques and a pilates/yoga based exercise program, she identifies the underlying source of the pain and designs individual treatment exercises allowing relief of symptoms, freedom of movement and prevention of future injuries.

She suffered from chronic back and S.I. pain for many years. Unable to get long- term relief using a traditional exercise program that included weight lifting and stretches, she began to experiment with pilates and yoga, eventually blending the two to maximize flexibility, strength and core awareness needed to maintain good alignment and posture for long term relief of symptoms. By "walking the talk" she has managed to transform her own body and free herself from the nagging aches and pains. Her mission is to empower others to free themselves of pain.